Tools For Living

Dr. Bruce McLaughlin - Professional Coach

You Just Found the Tools to Assist You in Attaining Your Goals

On these pages you will find the tools and resources to help you:  develop new perspectives, gain clarity and insight on your  life purpose, gain empowerment, enhance personal and spiritual growth, & zero in on the  perfect career.

Bruce McLaughlin brings thirty years of experience in education, public speaking, and staff development to his coaching and consulting practice.  He holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, a Master of Science in Counseling and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership.  He has spoken at many regional, state, national, and international conferences on leadership and education related issues. Bruce includes his lifelong dedication to growth, learning and spiritual evolution to his Coaching practice.  Tools for Living is based on the premise that one must be balance in mind, body and spirit in order to be a fully functioning individual.  This goal is attainable for everyone.  We have been created for this purpose.  You can achieve wholeness and balance in your life.

"Thank you for visiting my website.  Please have a look around.  You will find a wealth of tools and opportunities that will help you achieve your goals, establish priorities, attain a work/life balance, or find a fulfilling career.